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Starting this Jan we'll be offering Spanish classes every Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5pm. This is a beginner's class focused on simple conversational Spanish. No tests or quizzes. It's simple, no pressure conversational Spanish over coffee to get you on your way to greater fluency. More than anything, it's a great opportunity to hang out with cool people who share in a desire to learn. It's just $5 per class. Come grab a coffee or better yet one of our cocktails like our Lakeside to kickoff your language learning!

If you can't make it physically to our class, I've added in the functionality to our site to allow this class to be broadcasted live. Message me and I'll get you more details on how to view/pay.

If you're coming on our February trip or just want to start the new year off with a new language, this will be an excellent opportunity for you! Looking forward to seeing you here


The is the base camp for anyone interested in joining us on ...


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