Oaxaca Mexico 2022 Experience
Feb 8th-15th 


Trip Schedule:

Feb 8th Tuesday

Arrive at the Airport. Driver will take us to our hotel. We can head out for dinner if anyone is interested. 

Feb 9th Wednesday

Ceramics Workshop in Atzompa

Learn about traditions of clay making and use of black clay in area. We will make copitas and other items that we'll collect before the end of our time together



Centro Walking Tour 

Walking tour around immediate area in centro to locate basic points of interest and get a feel for what's around us



Group Dinner

Group dinner at one of our favorite spots in Oaxaca

Feb 10th Thursday

Cooking in Campo  

Learn traditional cooking techniques around nixtamalization and milpa. This is the full experience of harvesting, cooking and eating. This course is led by our dear friend Juana and her beautiful family

Feb 11th Friday

Forest Hike with Almas Viejas:
Experience led by our good friends Tony White and Carmen Ruiz of Almas Viejas. We will enjoy a relaxing forest hike around La Cumbre Ixtepeji. We will observe native plants and agaves and celebrate this beautiful landscape with mezcal.

Feb 12th Saturday

Textiles with Arteova Women's Cooperative

Learn the heritage behind weaving and dye making. Learn how to use a loom and make your own item to take with you. We will tour their property and see how they grow everything they use to make their items. There will be opportunities to shop and support their work


Feb 13th Sunday

Mezcal Dixeebe Tour

Visit mezcal Dixeebe ran by our friend and Maestro Mezcalero Valentin Cortes. Learn about the mezcal making process and try several varieties. We'll visit the Cortes family's land where they started making mezcal 5 generations ago. Bottles of your favorite mezccals will be available for purchase

Almas Viejas Dinner at Ofrenda + Mezcal tasting

Experience is led by Carmen Ruiz and Tony White of Almas Viejas. Carmen will prepare and serve a traditional Oaxacan meal and lead us through an in depth mezcal tasting unlike anything you can get anywhere else in the city in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Oaxaca

Feb 14th Monday

Open or Opportunity to taste/purchase Mezcal with Sosima

Tasting with Sosima Olivera Maestra Mezcalera of Fane Kantsini mezcal. Sosima is one of the new female Mezcaleras around and makes beautiful mezcal. We will taste through many of her great expressions with the opportunity to purchase your favorite mezcal.

This is not an organized group tour. This is an extra experience for anyone interested. Feel free to take the day to relax and enjoy the city if you'd prefer.

Feb 15th Tuesday

Leave for Airport