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Our upcoming trip to Oaxaca, Mexico is fast approaching! Here are a couple of links for quick reference:

To speed up the process when you land in Oaxaca, it's helpful to fill out the online health declarations form BEFORE you land in Oaxaca. I'll fill it out right before I board and get the QR code. Take a screenshot of it for quick access and show it to the officials. Last time, we were able to breeze through the line and not have to fill things out.

Here's the link:

Have that up on your phone. Create an account to save yourself time at the airport.

We won't need COVID vaccination status or test results to enter Mexico. However, when we return to the US, we will need to show a NEGATIVE COVID test, either PCR or ANTIGEN. The test has been done 24 hours before departure. It used to be 3 days but they recently changed it to 1 day. On Monday, Feb 14th, I'll help you schedule your ANTIGEN test with a local pharmacy there. The test is only $300 Pesos ($15). We can walk to the location and you'll get the results within 15 minutes. They will provide you with a print out and also an electronic copy through email.

Follow this link for scheduling your COVID test:

Save yourself some time and create an account with them as it makes the check out process a bit faster. If you have a lot of problems or just don't want to deal with it, I can schedule your appointment for you through my account :)

Lastly, download the VeriFly App:

Once you have your COVID results and can upload them into the app. You'll also need to fill out the Health Declarations Form on departure so have that QR Code at the ready. You can use VeriFly at the airport to quickly show that you are cleared to return home.

On our last trip I noticed that the airline didn't give us the tourist immigration card to fill out before arriving so we lost some time not filling that out in advance. You can fill out the form in advance and print it out. You can get the form here:

The form comes in 2 PARTS. ENTRY and EXIT. They will take the ENTRY portion when you arrive and you'll hang on to the EXIT portion during your stay in Mexico. It's very important that you not lose this as you cannot leave Mexico without having it. No worries if you do, it just means you have to fill out some paperwork and spend some Pesos to get another and more importantly, you'll lose a bunch of time doing this. Keep the EXIT portion with your Passport.

When leaving, you'll check in at the Airport. You'll then go to the Customs Agent Desk and show them EXIT form. It's directly across from the Security CheckPoint. After they have stamped it, you'll be good to go through security and be on your way. Oaxaca is a small airport, so leaving isn't a difficult process.

Let me know if you need help with any of this or have any questions!


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