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Costa Rica Trip 2018

For many of us, coffee is something we consume on a daily basis. It's part of our morning ritual and oftentimes something we don't think a lot about. Sadly, it can be nothing more than just a vehicle for caffeine delivery. For those of us in specialty coffee that care about quality in every step in the process, we believe that coffee is culinary. It's something that should be savored and enjoyed and not just mindlessly consumed. In the same way that we can take pleasure in a glass of cabernet sauvignon, in our morning cup of coffee we can pick out notes of blueberry, dark cocoa and even bell green pepper.

The phrase, "Savor the Now" means a lot to me personally. So much of our day is consumed with activity and just busyness. We spend a good portion of our lives thinking about the past and worried about the future while neglecting and overlooking the present moment we're in and the things right in front of our eyes. Now is really all that we have and I think it's important to pause and celebrate the wonderfu thingsl before us. Taking a moment throughout the day with a great cup of coffee is one way to do that. Adesso means "now" in Italian. Coffee is the vehicle to help savor it.

I believe we should have a connection with the land, the people and the culture where our products come from. If coffee for us is nothing more than just ground shavings in a can, it's hard to savor and truly enjoy it. Experience shapes our connection with the things we consume. Anytime I set up coffee service, my goal is to be more than just a coffee vendor. I want to create an experience with coffee. I strive to serve coffee in new and unexpected ways. I want my customers to be inspired and walk away with a new found passion. Starting this year, one new way that I'd like to fuel passion for coffee is through a culinary exploration trip to Costa Rica.

Over the years that I've been involved with coffee, I've had opportunity to travel to places where coffee is grown. I've smelled the sweet fragrance of the coffee blossom in bloom. I've tasted the sweet honey of the coffee pulp. I've seen the incredible amount of manual labor that has gone into processing coffee from seed to cup. All of those experiences have helped shape my love, passion and appreciation for this beverage that I consume on a daily basis.

I want to extend an invitation to you to join my wife and I on our next adventure in Costa Rica this May! I'm working on all the final details and will soon announce the itinerary and pricing. Keep posted here for all the latest details and news. We'd love for you to join us!

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