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Mexico City-Dosis Cafe

Before arriving to Mexico City I did a little research on the coffee scene and Dosis came up a few times. Our hostel was in the neighboring Condesa neighborhood so a visit to this great spot was at the top of my list.

Walking up to Dosis is striking. The place is beautiful. But of course, my eyes went straight to the main attraction sitting center stage on the bar-the beautiful La Marzocco Strada. It was great to see such a strong Marzocco presence throughout the city. It says a lot about the coffee culture that exists in Mexico and the care and attention to detail the barista's have for the coffee they serve. The coffee in Mexico is beautiful and deserves to be served on beautiful equipment.

I asked for an espresso and Nora ordered a cappuccino. The barista was serving a single origin washed coffee from Oaxaca for the espresso and also used that to prepare Nora's cappuccino. The barista did an excellent job preparing my espresso and hit all the benchmarks for pulling a great shot. I absolutely loved my espresso and was happy for the afternoon pick me up. Nora's cappuccino was spot on. The milk was textured perfectly and served at the right temperature. It wasn't screaming hot and the barista did a great job with the latte art. The espresso wasn't lost in the milk so I felt the cappuccino displayed great overall balance and nuance.

I loved the display of their manual brewing methods and wished that I had more time to come back for one of their other single origin offerings. Time was super limited but it's always good to have an ongoing list of places to come back to. For us, Dosis will be on that list and I'm excited to experience more from this great place

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